There are plenty of inexpensive ideas for hosting a swinger’s meet. If you are looking to host a swinger’s party, then you will find that this can easily end up getting to be pretty expensive. Between keeping everybody happy with food and drinks and plenty of lube and condoms you are looking to run up a pretty high bill. You may be on a budget but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to have a little fun with your friends. Here are a few things that you can do to save some money while still throwing an awesome swinger’s meet.

Food and Drink

You probably don’t want to go too crazy with the food and drinks that you have available to your guests. Having some will be good enough in most cases. Have just a few snacks and finger foods that are inexpensive but will keep people happy. You will also want to have some alcohol for those that need some to help them loosen up. Don’t worry about getting the very expensive stuff. Most people are happy with the regular stuff and if they want something more expensive, then let them bring it themselves.

Relying on Guests

It is a good idea to let your guests know that they should bring their own condoms and lube. This is something that they should do anyway. You may want to have a box or two of condoms and some lube just in case somebody didn’t get the message. Allowing your guests to bring their own stuff can help you to save a lot.