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There are plenty dress up and role play ideas for a swinging meet. You will find that a lot of people like to play dress up and role play whenever they have sex. Whenever you are at a swinger’s meet you may be able to have an entire party that is dedicated to playing dress up and role playing different situations. Here are of the few of the most popular.

School Girls

The women can dress up as naughty school girls and the men as their professors. This is something that can be a lot of fun and is one that is always sexy and exciting. You will find that a woman dressed up in a school girl’s uniform is always going to get a guy ready to go. He dressed as the professor can just add to the fantasy. Many women also find it sexy to see a man dressed this way.

Practicing S&M

Whenever you practice S&M you will need to find people that are willing. This means that they need to trust you and you them. This can be a lot of fun and very sexy but you need to make sure that the people that participate are really into it and aren’t just going along as this can end up making it a more severe situation.

Playing Doctor

Playing doctor can include some extra toys and women dressing up as sexy nurses. They can come together and “examine” each other until they take it onto the next level. This particular role play is great for foreplay.

When it comes to the type of lingerie that is considered sexy for swingers there are a few different things to consider. A lot of swingers tend to like a certain kind of lingerie but it really comes down to what you like the best. If you feel comfortable and sexy in your lingerie, then your confidence will be what gets their attention even more than the outfit that you have on. However, here are a few pointers on what is the most popular at any swinger’s party.

Easily Removable

You don’t want to have difficult or complicated lingerie on. The point of this lingerie is to get you laid. If you can’t get it off easily or quickly, then it is going to ruin the mood. It can get to be really frustrating if it takes more than one person to get you out of your lingerie. Make sure that you know where all the straps and buckles and hooks are so that you can easily get out of your lingerie when the time comes.

Fits Well

Your lingerie needs to fit you well. This means know what size you are. Whether you are busting out of it or if it is hanging off of you it can be a real turn off. If you know your size and your body, then you know what type of lingerie is going to look the best on you. Lingerie that fits well shows a person that knows their body and what they like to have done to it.

There are plenty of places that you can find hot lesbian swingers in lingerie. This is something that will allow you to see beautiful women all over each other while they are in barely there clothing. This is something that a lot of men and women fantasize about. Here are a few different ways that you can go about finding it and taking part in it.

Going Online

Whenever you go online you can find plenty of women that have put videos or pictures up of them and their girlfriends dressed up in lingerie and swinging. You will simply need to narrow down a site that you want to go with. Go with one that has the best quality pictures and video with the hottest women.

Finding Pictures

If you don’t want to find any videos, then searching for the images can be even easier. This is a great way for you to be able to find the hottest women without having to worry about if the video is of good quality. There are far more pictures than there are videos of hot lesbian swingers that are in their lingerie.

Finding These Women

Many people want to find these women that they can swing with. Go onto lesbian swinger sites and try to find women that are willing to swing with you. Remember that if you are a man that it may be a little bit more difficult to find willing participants. Try to find women that are bisexual as opposed to lesbians for the best luck.

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