When it comes to the type of lingerie that is considered sexy for swingers there are a few different things to consider. A lot of swingers tend to like a certain kind of lingerie but it really comes down to what you like the best. If you feel comfortable and sexy in your lingerie, then your confidence will be what gets their attention even more than the outfit that you have on. However, here are a few pointers on what is the most popular at any swinger’s party.

Easily Removable

You don’t want to have difficult or complicated lingerie on. The point of this lingerie is to get you laid. If you can’t get it off easily or quickly, then it is going to ruin the mood. It can get to be really frustrating if it takes more than one person to get you out of your lingerie. Make sure that you know where all the straps and buckles and hooks are so that you can easily get out of your lingerie when the time comes.

Fits Well

Your lingerie needs to fit you well. This means know what size you are. Whether you are busting out of it or if it is hanging off of you it can be a real turn off. If you know your size and your body, then you know what type of lingerie is going to look the best on you. Lingerie that fits well shows a person that knows their body and what they like to have done to it.